RCS Prayer Group

This group meets for prayer for RCS; both the school and families.
Join us in the Living Room at Rez Crossroads.

The group will meet Wednesday, 8:15am at Rez Crossroads

Contact leader Briana Cramer (307) 421-4698 for more info.

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Intercessory Prayer for the Nation

God is Almighty, and the government is upon His shoulders. He is not intimidated by anything that goes on in our nation on a day-to-day basis. His plans and purposes for the U.S. are good, and we call them forth in these prayer meetings, 'putting 1000's to flight'.

We meet at 10:00am Tuesday Mornings at Rez Crossroads.

Contact leader Cheri Mayott (970) 213-9514 for more info.

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Intercessory Prayer for Israel

This group of intercessors will meet weekly on Friday mornings at 9:30am in the Rez Crossroads prayer room. We will specifically pray for Israel and the Messianic Movement.

Contact leader Levi Lenard (970) 460-7228 for more info.

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