Grupo Hispano

Somos un grupo que hablamos y alabamos en español. Nos reunimos todos los sabados a las 5 pm.

We are a group that speaks and worships in Spanish. We meet every Saturday at 5pm.  Our time together focuses on family and parenting God's way.

To contact/ Contactar: 970-590-4054

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Parenting by God's Design

Understanding how God designed your child on the inside equips you to parent according to their unique needs. Learn how to develop your child's healthy self-image and create a relationship with them that remains strong throughout the challenges they face growing up.
Although this class focuses on parenting kids of all ages, the principles learned will transform your own life. All of your relationships will benefit from understanding the inner design that God has given each of those in your life.
Learn more about the details of what it means to be made in God's image.

The group meets Wednesday at 6:15pm in the RCS Elementary Library.

Contact leader Janet Kellogg (970) 219-1472 for more info.

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Your Time-Starved Marriage

In the book "Your Time-Starved Marriage", relationship experts Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, will help you better manage the time in your relationship. They show you how to reclaim the time you've been missing and how to maximize the moments you have together. This is not a book about being more productive, but a book about being more connected as a couple.

The group meets Tuesday at 7 pm.

Contact leaders Doug and Sherry Bunting (970) 347-0686 for more info.

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Young Married Couples

This is a group of young married couples. We will discuss the challenges and the privileges of being married at a young age. This small group is made up of people who meet together regularly to study God's Word, pray together, work through problems together, have fun together, and live out the Great Plans that God has for our family.

The group meets Wednesday at 6:30pm

Contact leaders Samuel & Sabrina Brum  (970) 699-2438 for more info.

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