Average Joe's Cup O' Joe

Just some guys meeting for coffee and/or breakfast at Doug's Day Diner in Windsor.

Contact leader Andrew Connor  for more info.

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The Gift of Prophecy And How Do I Use It

This group is for anyone interested in learning more about the spiritual gift of prophecy. We will learn about the gift of prophecy and the different ways that it operates with practical application.

This group meets Thursday 6:30pm in Windsor.

Contact leader Kathy Melson (970) 691-7180 for more info.

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The Hangout

If you are a student looking to grow in community and friendship - this is the place! This co-ed student-led group will gather to connect with others and play games.
They meet every other Saturday, 7-9 pm in Windsor. The first meeting is February 1st.
For more information, please contact Megan Dupont at (225) 892-0913 or Anthony Dupont at (225) 978-7924.

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Destiny After Divorce

Divorce is such an ugly word! It means the death of a marriage, lost dreams, broken promises. It means families and hearts are shattered, it means that you didn't get your happily ever after.

Millions of questions run through your head, and more often than not 'how did I get here'?
Yes, God hates divorce. He hates it because of what it does to our hearts, minds, bodies, and families. But, God...that is the key...but God! He has a plan of healing for you! He is faithful to restore and renew, if we let Him.

He has a wonderful destiny for your life, it has not changed and is still waiting for you if you are ready to let Him come along side you and help you! I encourage you to take a step toward the healing your heart needs and into your destiny today!

The group meets Tuesday at 6:30pm.

Contact Coree Sullivan (970) 397-7961 for more info.

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