Advancing The Kingdom

As a group, we will go through the book This IS The Day by Tim Tebow.

For more information, please contact Taylor Kirksey at (970) 286-4097.

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Human Trafficking 101 and Beyond

This is more than a "small group", this is a detailed education on Human sex trafficking, what is happening in our local area and learning to recognize the signs and report what you see. This is done through dvd's, lecture, printed materials and guest speakers.
If you have taken this class before, I am always adding and expanding the information.
You will receive details on prevention for your friends, children and others.
Information and introduction to the organizations we are working with through the NOCO Dream Center as well as other groups in our area.
What about social media and the part it plays?
What are the contributing factors?
In addition to the 5 classes this semester there are two important symposiums in February you will have the opportunity to attend.
You may be the prayer warrior who will leave the class armed with details or the one who works directly with the survivors. You will receive the information and support to find your best fit.

The group meets Saturday at 10:00am in Fort Collins.

Contact leader LuAnn Goodyear (970) 690-1854 for more info.

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