What you need to know

If you are planning to attend our Downtown Loveland location, we want to help you have a great parking experience. There are several great options nearby that offer plenty of space and are just a short walk from the Rialto Theater. We ask that you would leave the street parking on 4th Street open for the surrounding businesses and restaurants, unless you have a physical restriction that makes a further walk challenging.

5th Street Lots

There are three lots along 5th street that are all around one block from the Rialto Theater. These are found on the southwest corners of 5th & Cleveland, 5th & Lincoln, and 5th & Jefferson. 5th is a two-way street, so these lots can be accessed when traveling east or west. Once parked, walk south towards 4th Street and the Rialto is on the south side of the road in between Cleveland and Lincoln.

The Foundry Parking Garage

Just two blocks from the Rialto, the newly opened parking garage at The Foundry offers hundreds of spots in a multi-level parking structure. To access the garage, approach from 1st Street and then turn north onto Lincoln Street (one way street). You will see the parking garage on your left, accessed via 2nd Street.

While construction at The Foundry is still underway, please safely cross-over to the east side of Lincoln Street while walking north towards 4th Street. When you get to 4th, turn left (west) and the Rialto in on the south side of the street.

Parking Map